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Sycamore (Y4)

Welcome to Year 4 Sycamore Class!

Hello everyone!

Mr Sheerin here!  Because Mrs Dickinson begins teaching the Year Six bubble group this week, I get to be in charge of your home learning activities, which I am sooo excited about!  It’s been quite a long time since I’ve taught Year Four, but thankfully Mrs Dickinson has been giving me a little bit of help with getting everything ready. 

A little birdie told me that you all received postcards from Mrs Dickinson last week.  I wonder if you had any thoughts about sending her a letter or a postcard back?  I bet she would absolutely love that!  You could post them to the school office:

Lander Road Primary School

FAO Mrs Dickinson

Pennignton Road



Or you could hand it in to the school office in person, and get a little bit of exercise at the same time!

Now, when Mrs Dickinson was telling me about the kinds of things she has been putting on your class page, she kept going on, and on, and on, and on, and on, (and on) about being nice, and not too bossy and strict.  So, I thought I’d share with you a picture of my pet dog, Lottie, who had a trip to the dog groomer a few days ago.  See below!



I understand that over the last couple of weeks you have been doing some great work on 2D and 3d shapes.  It makes sense to carry on with Geometry, so here is a link to a variety of activities from Espresso on area and perimeter:

I’ve also uploaded an activity sheet below where you have to use your area skills to break a code- good luck with that!

As per usual there will be daily lessons on BBC Bitesize and The National Oak Academy:

The National Oak Academy have a PHSE lesson on the Black Lives Matter movement and the death of George Floyd.

I’ve included a super story link to our activities this week. They are QR codes that, if you scan them on your phone or tablet, take you to a you tube page that has the story being read out loud. There are 3 brilliant stories to listen to, why not listen to them all this week? Listening to a story being read is a great way to relax, but it can also improve your listening skills as well as your vocabulary. Mrs Murray would love to know what you think of these stories as she is thinking of buying them for the school library - maybe you could write a book review to let her know what you think and email it in to us? If your parents are not sure how to work a QR code, there is a little guide included to help. We also have access to free books to read through the site - it's definitely worth a look - see the information below for how to log on. 

Keep going with TTRS and spelling shed- there are assignments on there for you to complete this week.  

Here is a youtube link to some great PE activities that you can do indoors and outdoors:

Fun Science activity for you to do at home!-

Float or sink Wednesday



What? You’ll need a sink, bath, container or paddling pool – plus a variety of objects around the home and garden (that are allowed to get wet!), such as pencils, crayons, buttons, balls, bottles, coins, apples, grapes, pears, flowers, leaves, sticks… and a rubber duck! Oh, and pen and paper to record your findings.

How? Simply fill up your containers with water and choose from your collection of objects. Test each object one at a time to see if they float or sink. This can be made into a game by guessing – or hypothesising – which objects you think will float or sink and record the results afterwards.

Why? An object will float or sink depending on how the position of its molecules affects its density. If an object is denser than water – it will sink. If it is less dense than water – it will float. If the object is hollow inside – it will float too (because water is denser than air).

As always, work with an adult at home to decide which activities are best for you and agree on a timetable.  Try to cover a few different subjects, and try to balance out learning online with pencil and paper activities.

Mr Sheerin

Picture 1

Hello Sycamore Class, It is lovely to see some of you working hard at home.This week we have some lovely photos of Caden working alongside his sister.Last week Alice worked hard on her online lessons and enjoyed some baking. Evie had the same idea and baked a cake with her sisters, well done everyone!

A big welcome to Year 4 to all our children and their families! We are looking forward to all the exciting things this year has to offer.  I will keep this page updated with lots of information and photographs of our learning and enrichments activities such as trips, visits and visitors.  Thank you for your continued support and here's to a fabulous year in Sycamore Class!

Mrs Dickinson

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