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Oak (Y2)

                Welcome to Oak Class
Monday 6th July 2020 

Hi Superstars! 


We hope that you have had a fantastic week, the weather hasn't been very good for getting outside and having fun so we hope you are keeping yourself, and your family, happy and entertained! There have been some changes to lock down since last week, some of the rules about going in people's houses and what shops and businesses are allowed to open have changed so maybe you have been able to get out and visit family and friends? Mrs Murray is looking forward to this Friday very much as she is finally getting her, and her daughter's, hair cut! Poor Isabella's fringe is so long she can't see (but doesn't trust Mrs. Murray to cut it for her, how rude?!) 


An ENORMOUS well done to all of our superstar spellers!! We came SECOND this week on spelling shed with over 8 million points! BRILLIANT!!!! There is only Mr. Otten's Year 1 that are doing better than us, they got over 11 million points so let's make that a target for us this week - to get the top spot from Year 1 - We know you can do it! Jack is still top of the league for Oak Class but Evie and Edward are catching him up, let;s see who can be the top spellers next week. 


Did you enjoy your robot themed tasks last week? Hopefully mixed with your BBC Bitesize or Oak Acadamy tasks your are keeping busy and growing those big brains even more to be ready for Year 3. We know how hard you can all work when you put your mind to it, so keep it up! Only a few weeks to go to the Summer Holidays, we would love to hear what your plans are for the summer - do you have anything planned now that we are allowed to do more? This week there are some maths and English additional tasks, as well as some exciting science.  The theme on the additional tasks is celebrations - you could design your next birthday cake, or make a card for some one who's birthday is coming up soon (did you know Mr. Sheerin's birthday is in July?!) 


As for us, Mrs Murray had some sad news, her application for The Great British Bake Off was rejected due to the cake disaster she had on her final entry cake which had to be an animal design show stopper -you can see from the photo how hers turned out. Mr. Sheerin has officially bought and used all of the wool in his local area, so he spent this week making art from the left over bits and pieces of wool he had from all of his creations. Maybe you could try it - see the picture underneath for an idea. Both of these mean that Mr Sheerin and Mrs Murray are both out of hobbies for the summer, maybe you could suggest some ideas for activities they could try? We have included a worksheet for you to draw a picture of us doing the task - remember to send them in to us at the usual email address


We are so proud of you all, we know that the last few months have been very strange, and hard going. Remember they are hard for everyone, brothers, sisters, mums, dads, grandparents etc. so keep doing all you can to keep yourself, and those you love, happy and healthy. Please please send in some photos, we don't get many and it makes us so happy to see you. 

Mr. Sheerin and Mrs. Murray 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Monday 29th June 2020

Hi there our Year 2 marvels! 

How are you all this week? We hope that you and your families are all keeping well. You probably know that last week saw some classes start to return to Lander Road, and Year 1 and Year 6 are coming back this week. As lovely as it is to have the school getting a bit more back to normal - we miss you guys so much, it isn't the same without our Y2 superstars! 


You will never guess what happened this week! Mr Sheerin was celebrating one of his children's birthdays with a robot themed party (Mrs Murray made the cake - obviously!) and he decided to get dressed up  to surprise them. The only problem was that he got stuck in the suit and had to spend the weekend as a transformer - see the photo below! So, in his honour we have added some robot themed activities as additional tasks this week. Why not make robots from junk around your house? Try writing a diary entry from a robot's point of view, or answer some comprehension questions based on robots in films. These are all activities that you can print out at home, or just try on paper. You can still access your daily activities on BBC Bitesize and The Oaks Academy


A MASSIVE well done to you all on such excellent spelling results this week!! We have earned MILLONS of points this week and are now in 3rd place on the school leader board - only Y1 and Y6 ahead of us now! Let's see how well you can do this week - we are sure that you can smash it again (and maybe make it into 1st r 2nd place?!)


We have included a super story link to our activities this week. They are QR codes that, if you scan them on your phone or tablet, take you to a you tube page that has the story being read out loud. There are 3 brilliant stories to listen to, why not listen to them all this week? Listening to a story being read is a great way to relax, but it can also improve your listening skills as well as your vocabulary. Mrs Murray would love to know what you think of these stories as she is thinking of buying them for the school library - maybe you could write a book review to let her know what you think and email it in to us? If your parents are not sure how to work a QR code, there is a little guide included to help. We also have access to free books to read through the site - it's definitely worth a look - see the information below for how to log on. 


We can't believe that it is going to be July this week and that we are getting so close to the Summer holidays! Remember to send us photos of you having fun at home, or out and about now that the restrictions have been lifted a little. Mrs Murray and her kids came face to face with some deer in Dunham Massey the other week, it was so special! She has also decorated the front of her house with banners and bunting because of a very exciting event that happened in the football last week. Unfortunately Mr. Sheerin could not do the same. Have any of you Liverpool supporters put up flags or banners? We (Mrs Murray in particular) would love to see! Send any photos or work to us at 


Have a great week Year 2! Keep working hard but keep smiling and being helpful as always! 

Love Mrs Murray and Mr Sheerin 

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Picture 2

Check out Brody's robot!

Check out Brody's robot! 1

Monday 22nd June 2020 


Hello our Year 2 Super Heroes! 


We hope you are all doing well and have had a brilliant week working hard and being helpful (as always) at home! This weekend it was Father's Day, did you do anything special with any of the grown ups in your house? The Murray's all went out for a lovely walk but everything had to be done early because of a big important football match that was being played! Mr. Sheerin didn't have to worry about that because he supports Arsenal (we always knew he was a bit odd!) 


Our Spelling Shed results this week are not looking good, we are still at the bottom of the school league, but now we are MILLIONS of points behind the nearest class (year 3). Mr Ottens Year 1's are top of the league - we can't have that!! Can you all please try to get onto Spelling Shed for a little bit of time each day to help our score to go up! Poor Brody and Jack are working very hard ad earning lots of points - but they can't do it on their own!!


This week we have gone super with some fun super hero themed activites. Can you challenge Batman with your times tables knowledge, create your own super hero from lolly ice sticks or decorate some river rocks as super heroes, you'll find ideas below. Please continue to send photos of yourself, or any work you do to the school email: 

Keep using BBC Bitesize or Oaks Acadamy for your daily lessons - whatever suits you best. We have included other tasks and ideas that you can do through the week to keep things interesting. There's a super science lesson there - give it a whirl! 


Mr Sheerin and Mrs Murray have got into the super hero theme too, Mr. Sheerin has knitted some wonderful superhero dolls and Mrs Murray's show stopper this week really is something else! Her boys devoured it faster than Superman can fly though so unfortunately there is nothing left now! 


Only a few more weeks to go until the end of term, keep happy, keep healthy and if there's anything we can do to help just get in touch. Until next week, stay super!! 

Mrs Murray and Mr Sheerin 

Super Skills!

Super Skills! 1
Super Skills! 2

Monday 15th June 

Hello Oak Class Heroes!! 

Can't believe it is the start of yet another week of us not seeing each other! We are going to be putting our newsletters like this for you to read, it should be a bit easier. Don't worry we will still be keeping you updated on what we have been up to as well as giving you ideas of fun things to do this week! 


Let's start with a massive WELL DONE with Spelling Shed!! We have earned over 1 and a half million points this week, and are hot on the heels of Mr. Halsall's Year 3 class, we can't let them beat us so make sure you log on this week and keep getting us points to move us up the League!! Huge congratulations to Jack, our top speller this week, come on girls, we need to see you moving up the points scores. 


Mr Sheerin finished knitting his house, so he has decided to remodel his whole town out of wool, not all of his neighbours are happy, especially as they all got soggy and wet during the thunder storms this weekend - wool is definitely not waterproof! Mrs Murray continues to be a baking extraordinaire, and with the premier league due to restart, she has baked premier league cupcakes! We were wondering if you could design your own football kit and name your team - would it be named after your family, where you live, or something else entirely?! Use the template attached to design your own and send a copy or photo of it to school for us to see!


Carry on with BBC Bitesize, or Oaks Academy work this week. As always, we have included some other tasks you can do as part of your school work. We have also added the instructions for how to make salt dough - this is really good fun because you can style it into anything you want then decorate it. If you do make anything, remember to send any pictures to us so we can see them. We are still missing you all lots! 


Have fun this week, be happy, be helpful and carry on being the fabulous humans that you are! 

Love Mrs Murray and Mr Sheerin Mr Sheerin,s knitted town

Mrs Murray's cupcakes

Lovely home learning from Brodie!

Lovely home learning from Brodie! 1
Lovely home learning from Brodie! 2
Lovely home learning from Brodie! 3
Lovely home learning from Brodie! 4

Monday 8th June 

Hi everyone we hope you are all happy and that you are making us proud! Here is your work for the coming week. Remember there is a lot here and you do not have to do it all. Read through the Year 2 letter and look at all the tasks and pick what works for you! 


Additional Tasks - you can try these if you are having trouble with the internet or want a change from BBC Bitesize or The Oaks Academy

Thursday 14th May 


Can you make a rainbow using things from your home? You could draw, paint, print, use clothes, toys, pictures from magazines - anything! Make them bright and colourful, ask a grown up to take a photo of it and email it to us at school. Ask your parent to make the subject 'Mrs Murray's Rainbow Challenge' so that they come to me. My little boy Louie and I made a super zing rainbow this morning, but we didn't have quite enough red ones, can you see what we used instead?! We look forward to seeing your creativity!

Rainbow Challenge!

Home Learning Resources
Picture 1

In Oak class we pride ourselves on giving every effort into everything we do. Whether that's in our swimming lessons, Singapore maths, phonics lessons or science investigations, we try to learn as best as we can. We feel proud of ourselves because even though we are still quite little, we are becoming more and more independent each day, and this helps us to learn well. We love joining in with after school clubs, and going on visits. We thank you for your continued support. 

Mr Sheerin & Mrs Murray


Whole School 95.7%
  • Year 1 96.3%
  • Year 2 95.1%
  • Year 3 96.8%
  • Year 4 96.1%
  • Year 5 93.9%
  • Year 6 96%
  • Delamere 909
  • Mersey 882
  • Sherwood 921
  • Great North 744
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