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Redwood (Y6)

Spring Term  - January to April 2022


Welcome to the Year 6 class page for 2021 - 2022. 

Here you will find lots of useful, bespoke resources to support and guide your child through their final year in primary school. 

I update this page regularly and there are links which will take you to our class's Google Classroom, where you will find many resources, including: a guide to grammar; spelling lists; maths and videos and activities; homework activities and reading websites. 



During this term we will be focusing in greater detail on reading, writing, grammar and maths during the school day, to help your child prepare for the transition to high school this September.

In addition to the normal school day, several after school clubs have been made available to support your child's learning. These sessions will be lead by myself, Miss Gough and Mr Goulbourne and will cover aspects of maths and grammar.

Our children have many resources available to them on our Google Classroom. My Guide to Grammar and the Maths resources are especially useful and I encourage you to look at them with your child.

Many thanks,

Mr Gilmore.



Hello and Happy New Year! Here is an update on events in Year 6 this term...


I would like to welcome Mr Glenister to our class. He will be teaching alongside myself to help support the children with their English and Maths. He will also be teaching History and Computing this term. We have been lucky to have had Mr Glenister working in Lander Road for a few years now and he has most recently been teaching Year 4. I know he will be a fantastic asset this term.


Our English lessons are based around a version of the book "On the Origin of Species" by Charles Darwin. This will be really exciting as it links in to the science topic on evolution and inheritance. I am certain the children will thoroughly enjoy these lessons.


Our Maths lessons will initially focus on measurement and then move on to using bar models to help solve word problems. Myself, Mr Glenister and Miss Gough will all be teaching Maths this term, to provide extra support to all the children in class.


I know that our children will really love our new History topic - The Mayas! It is a fascinating topic and there is so much to learn about this ancient civilisation. We will also use this topic as inspiration for Reciprocal Reading sessions. 


I am sure you'll agree there is a lot to look forward to this term!!


Mr Gilmore





Our English book "A Story Like The Wind" has given us so many excellent writing opportunities this month and the most recent has allowed our children to create their own newspaper front pages based around the rescue of two boys at sea. The work the children produced was excellent and below you will find photos of each child with their work. 

Thank you,

Mr Gilmore



This half term we will be using the book "A Story Like The Wind" by Gill Lewis as the stimulus for the work we do in our English lessons. 

About the book

A small group of refugees is crowded onto a small boat on a rising sea. Clinging to hope, they share their stories as the boat travels uncertainly towards their dream of safety and freedom. Rami plays his precious violin as he tells his companions the story of how the first horse’s head violin was made - a story that resonates with their current plight. 

"A Story Like the Wind" is a powerful story about a human tragedy that affects many people living in different parts of the world and has affected many lives in the past. It deals with the effects of conflict on the lives of ordinary people and explores the motivation for refugees to travel great distances, often putting their lives in danger.



Our main focus at the start of this half term is on fractions. Children will be learning how to add and subtract fractions with different denominators, multiply and divide fractions and find fractions of amounts. As well as following the Maths No Problem scheme we will also be using resources from the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM). There will also be extra resources to help support your child on our Google Classroom which are uploaded frequently. Please look at these resources with your child at home as they are there to offer extra help and guidance and are hand-picked by me.



Our current Science topic is "Light, Earth and Space." This half term we will be learning about how light travels, how light reflects and how shadows are formed. As always every Science lesson includes practical investigations which the children really enjoy.


Thank you,

Mr Gilmore.



On Tuesday 2nd November, famous local poet Levi Tafari visited us in school; he performed several poems for us during an assembly, then led a workshop with Year 6 where we discussed and planned our own poems.


Links to his website and the work he does with YKids is below.


From 1st November 2021 we will be using an online resource called "Collins Connect" to give out and collect homework. The link below will take you to the log in page, where your child will need to input their birthday , first letter of their surname and class year group. Once you have logged in, all homework relating to spelling, punctuation and grammar will be there for your child to do on their Chromebook at home. Each piece of homework will have its own deadline date.

Thank you.


(Many of the links provided here will direct you to the Year 6 Google Classroom.)

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