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Redwood (Y5)

      Welcome to Year 5 Redwood Class


Hello to everyone in Year 5. For the week commencing 30th March 2020, I've uploaded a Learning Project selection of activities based around the topic "My Family", a music package which should be fun for all to enjoy at home, two spelling and two grammar activities and a really open-ended maths challenge. The Learning Project page provides lots of opportunities for your children to express themselves. The BBC's "Super Movers" and the website "Hit The Button" are a fantastic way of keeping your children motivated and will help with retention of times tables knowledge. 

UPDATE (on Saturday 28th March) - I'm going to attach a Big Maths activity that I'd be doing in class this coming week  - it's a PowerPoint based upon factors and multiples; if possible spend around 10 minutes each day going over this. 

UPDATE (on Friday 3rd April) please find some new activities which will be entertaining during the Easter break: 

"Maths On The Move" is a printable sheet of Maths and PE - based activities, "Power of Kindness" is a really lovely ongoing diary activity supplied by the British Red Cross and "Pop-up Shop" could keep you busy for hours!

And finally... I've started a "Mr Gilmore Recommends" section to this page. At the bottom of this page you'll find a section called "Mr Gilmore Recommends" where I suggest some fantastic books to be read at home over Easter; they're all books I have read myself and would highly recommend to 9 and 10 year olds. 


I'll continue to add content to this page on a regular basis.

Wishing you all the best,

Mr Gilmore.

Update - 1st April 2020.  British Red Cross activities.


The British Red Cross have released some fantastic resources for children to do at home, they are all based on the concept of kindness and are available to print off at home. I hope they will be useful for you.

Many thanks

Mr Gilmore


Update 3rd April 2020 - Maths On The Move.

Now this does look like real fun! It gets you thinking about maths whilst doing physical activity too - please give it a go! The sheets are printable so you can record your daily and weekly exercise.


I'm uploading a really nice maths activity to try over the next few days-it's called "Pop-up Shop" and will hopefully be a lot of fun. I'll upload the resources as Word documents so please feel free to adapt, print off or download as you deem appropriate. You could have a lot of fun with this. Be creative!


Wishing you all a peaceful Easter break and please keep safe.


Mr Gilmore

Class reading books.

Hello. We have been enjoying two books during this spring term and I can highly recommend both of them to you.

Our Year 5 children have been studying, in great detail, the book "The Promise" by Nicola Davies; we have already produced lots of fantastic writing based on it.

The second book we have been reading for pleasure is the classic "Tom's Midnight Garden" by Phillipa Pearce. The children in Year 5 have really enjoyed this story so far. See " Mr Gilmore Recommends" below."

Geography Rainforests home learning activities

Maths Geometry home learning







I'm introducing a "Mr Gimore Recommends" section to my class page...

Our Year 5 children are familiar to our class display where I recommend books for our children to read. All of the books I suggest would make great reads and are displayed on our class Reading Wall; I thought I'd continue this here on our class page.

If you'd like a bit of fun and escapism and triumph over bad, then I'd really recommend "Danny, Champion of the World" by Roald Dalh. It's clever, heart-warming and it's a proper feel-good book. 


My second recommendation is "Stig of The Dump" by Clive King. I read it when I was a child and it is now referred to as a modern British classic. The illustrations in it are fantastic too. 


My final recommendation for this week is "Room 13" by Robert Swindells...

A class of Year 5 children are going on a school residential to Whitby and stay in a spooky hotel. There may be vampires involved. Possibly. Definitely one of my favourite books when I was 10 years old!


Please enjoy reading over the next few weeks. And, Year 5, I'm currently enjoying the second half of "Tom's Midnight Garden", I'll give you a full review on this page when I'm finished. If you'd like to read it yourself during the Easter break it's by Phillipa Pearce. 


I'll be in touch very soon with more recommendations,

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Mr Gilmore.


And a very definitely finally...

Have a go at explaining Jigsaw Numbers to an adult or a sibling at home at home - it'll blow their mind!

Remember your jigsaw can be really simple and I'm sure you remember the rule as to how this trick works. You can do numbers into millions if you want to show off! Have fun. Mr Gilmore wink


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