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Reception 2020

Science experiments - 
We placed eggs in various liquids.   We tried  water, blue food colouring/water and white vinegar. We then made predictions.   Some of us thought that nothing would happen to the eggs ,  some of us thought the eggs might crack, a few of us predicted the eggs would go hard.  

We also explored the different parts of an egg.   We knew the words shell and yolk and we found out the white of an egg is called the albumen.  We then found out what the white strands at the side of the yolk are called and what they do.  We got in a circle and we all held hands to pretend to be the shell, H. dressed up as a yolk and we used ropes to represent the ‘chalaza’.   When we cracked the egg shell H wobbled everywhere.  We had lots of fun learning about how the chalaza holds the yolk in place and keeps it safe inside the shell.  Take a look at some of our photographs below. 


Playing together and having fun!

In class we learn about Shape, Space and Measure through a variety of adult-led and child-led activities.   We are encouraged to explore and experiment to become independent thinkers and problem solvers.   Take a look at the photographs below. 

Shape, Space and Measure

Autumn 2-Week 6

  • This week we have been continuing with our phonics lessons and learning about the ‘ow’ ‘blow the snow’ sound.  
  • In mathematics we have been consolidating our knowledge of doubles through songs and making 3D shapes with construction.
  • We made our Christmas cards.  
  • Organised our Christmas party.   The children chose a selection of songs to be played at the party.      
  • We played musical/Snow Queen statues and a game of sharks which we loved.  After all that dancing we were in need of some refreshments.  All to soon the party was over and we had all won a prize for being the best class in the world!  
  • Take a look at some of our photographs below and enjoy. 



Dancing at the Christmas party.  Watch those moves. 

Don’t believe me, just watch!

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Chu Chu Wa

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Autumn 2 week 5

This week we have been working on our Christmas Performance based on the Christmas story.  Due to Covid-19 we were unable to invite you in for our usual stage production.   The performance took place in the classroom and the children could choose whether they wanted to dress up and if they wanted to be on video.   Some children decided they did not want to be on video for all the songs but they all  joined in with the wonderful singing.  We hope you enjoy watching the children perform the story and singing the songs. 

A big well done children!  Your teachers are so proud of you. 

Welcome, Welcome, this is our Christmas Story

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Plodding Along to Bethlehem

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Plodding Along to Bethlehem (version 2)

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Knock, Knock, Knock

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Following a Great Big Star

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Ring Out The Bells

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We Wish You a Merry Christmas

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Ring Out The Bells (Freestyle 1)

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Ring Out The Bells (Freestyle 2)

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Ring out the bells Freestyle 3

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Ring out the Bells (freestyle number 4)

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Autumn Term 2 - Week 4



We have been working on spelling our name using correct formation and spelling words  that we might need for our Christmas list. 



This week we have been exploring triangle shapes.  Our challenge was to start with one triangle shape and make it bigger, but it had to remain a triangle shape. 


We also found time to explore ropes,  we skipped, treaded and even walked on them.  We continued to develop our throwing and catching skills, acted out scenes in role play and explored construction resources.   We are also learning to sing our Christmas songs.

Autumn Term 2 - Week 3


This week we have continue to focus on learning Sound Set 1 - a to z, sh, ch, th, ng, nk.  We have practised our handwriting, recording words and simple sentences.  The children are progressing at different rates, some are using their phonic knowledge to write or attempt simple words, some to write initial sounds and some children are writing letter shape to show meaning.    A few children still find letters difficult to form, they are using marks to show meaning.     At home parents can continue to practise forming letters and linking them to their letter sound.



This week we have been learning to use the vocabulary 'more than', 'fewer than',  'same'.   We looked at images of two groups of objects and created our own groups of objects and talked about which group had 'more than' and which groups had 'fewer than'.   Most of the children were able to identify the group of objects with more, but some children had difficulty identifying the group with fewer objects.   Lots of practise at home will help using small objects and 2 paper plates.  Try to keep quantities small, in class we used up to 6 objects on either plate


Pirate week

We had lots of fun learning about pirates, we learned new songs, dances, pirate talk, how to make a treasure map and use directions and positional language.   We decorated pirate hats, went on a treasure hunt using maps for clues and had a party.    Look at our photographs below to see the fun we had!




Autumn Term 2 - week 2


This week we continued to look at letter sounds from Sound Set 1, especially those that return back up, m, n, r, h, p.

We also looked at tricky words  the, my, I, said.   These are high frequency words which children will come across on a daily basis in reading books.  They cannot be sounded out so they need to be learned.  This can be done through making flashcards and pointing them out when reading to your child. 



We continued to look at ABAB patterns  for those children who needed a bit more support and looked at 2D shapes especially the oblong shape.  The children searched for or made their own oblong shape.  In Reception we focus on naming the main 2D shapes, square, oblong, triangle, circle and star.   

Remember we also count throughout the day  1-10 forward and backward and sing number songs.


Other areas of Learning

We continued to role play using literature as our stimulus.  We acted out the book The Storm Whale using small world objects.  This is a book about a child who finds a baby whale on the beach and tries to help the whale. We had to think of our own ideas about how we could help the whale and make the whale feel more comfortable.   The children came up with wonderful, thoughtful ideas including,  giving the whale a telly to watch his favourite programmes to digging a hole and filling it with water.    We also remembered our past by drawing and creating collages of poppies.


Mathematics - We have had a busy week during our adult-led and child-led activities  learning about ABAB patterns, matching sets of objects to the correct numerals and learning about the properties of 2D shapes. 


Phonics - We have been going over our handwriting learning to form our anti-clockwise letters correctly, c,o,a,d,g,q,s.   We have been learning to record words and sentences. 


Other areas of learning - We have also been reading about Narnia and setting up scenes to act out, such as Lucy having tea with Mr Tumnus.  The Snow Queen turned our water balloon into ice and we loved exploring the ice using all our senses.

We also made firework pictures with glitter, played our own games and created our own 3D models.

A Big Firework Congratulations to our Stars of the Week!

Please take a look at some of our photographs below.