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Reception 2020



Week 3 in school and we have been very busy.

We learned 5 more letter sounds  (5 each week)

a, b, c, d, e, g, I, k, m, n, o, p, s, t, and u.   

We are learning to subitise to 5 and how to use a 10 frame.

Our P.E  lesson was based on following rules during whole class movement and we had lots of fun developing our gross motor skills. 

We learned how to throw a javelin and use a hula-hoop.

We have engaged in role play using The 3 Little Pigs and Cinderella books.

We used various tools to develop our fine motor skills including pens, pencils, crayons, scissors and construction.


Take a look at the photographs below and enjoy!






Welcome to Reception Class 2020. 

The children have been settling well into their new surroundings.  They are busy exploring all the class resources both indoors and outdoors.  The children are learning to share and take turns and learning to play together as a class group.  They have met Scrap the dog who introduces our letter of the day and Mr Fox who likes us all to say 'please' and 'thank you'.  We are learning number through songs such as the Numba Rumba.   This week we have been learning how to say and write the letters c, o, a, s, t.


The children love the David Attenborough video of the baby iguana and the snakes and will ask for this to be shown each day.  They are joining in singing and dancing sessions on the carpet and we have some great little movers amongst them.   As part of our topic What do I know about me? We are learning to name some of our body parts through songs and actions and learning different expressions through mime.      We are also learning how to tidy up as we do not have magic fairies in our class who do the tidying up for us.

Hello everyone, my name is Ms Evans and I will be your child's classroom teacher in September.  This is a very difficult time for lots of people,  I want to reassure you that I am looking forward to meeting you as soon as it is safe to do so.   We have some children who will be completely new to our school so I have been telephoning their nursery settings to find out some background information that will support their entry into Lander Road School.     

Teaching Background

I completed my teaching training at Lander Road 23 years ago.  I loved it so much that I remain there to this day.   I have experience of teaching various age groups but my main focus and most of my experience has been spent in Reception.  I have training and experience  as a Reading Recovery Teacher and a Maths Recovery Teacher.  I have a passion for early reading and early number and I feel that this training has enabled me to support younger pupils and has also expanded my knowledge of these subjects.  


I have attached photographs of myself and Mrs Williams and a little message that you can share with your child.   Please read the documents below titled, Getting Ready for Reception Class and New Intake Letter, these will provide you with further information.

Hello, My name is Mrs Williams and I have been working at Lander Road for 27 years as a Nursery Nurse and Teaching Assistant.  I have  had experience of working in all classes but the majority of my experience has been in Early Years.   I look forward to welcoming all of our new children into Reception in September.

Hello children,

I am Ms Evans and I am going to be your new Reception teacher.  Mrs Williams will also be your teacher.  We are really looking forward to meeting you all in September.  Most of you have been to our nursery or have older brothers or sisters, so you will recognise both of us from school.   However, some of you will be new to our school so take a look at our photographs and learn our names.  I have asked all your nursery teachers if they will send me a photograph of you so that we can see your lovely smiling faces and learn your names.   Throughout our time together in Reception it is very important to us that you are happy and feel safe and secure in school.  In class we will learn to read, write and learn lots about number.   We will also plan activities around things that are of interest to you and where we can have lots of fun and you can become confident,  independent children with a passion for learning and a love of school.


We look forward to meeting you all very soon.  In the meantime take care, be helpful and kind to everyone. 

See you all very soon

Ms Evans and Mrs Williams

We have put together some information and websites that you may find useful during the Summer Term.   The document Development Matters will show you examples of some of the areas we will be working on when your child enters Reception Class.  Most children are usually working at 30-50 months in development at this stage of their learning.  Please remember all children develop at their own pace and in their own ways, therefore,  this document is only a guide to development.    When your child enters Reception we will be focusing on the three Prime Areas of development,  

   Personal, Social and Emotional Development


   Language and Physical Development.   

By focusing on these areas we will be able to support your child as they settle down in their new classroom environment.  


Below we have included some information about hand and finger exercises,  pencil grip and control, our handwriting scheme and some literacy and numeracy sites that you may wish to look at.  

The government have just released the changes to development matters, here is the latest version.


Getting Ready for Reception Class

Hand and Finger Exercises

Try some of these hand exercises to strengthen fingers and hands ready for school.

  • Paper Crumpling - Ask your child to crumple up a piece of scrap paper.   Play a game and find out who can crumple their paper into the smallest ball.
  • Threading - use pasta shapes and thread onto string.
  • Squeezing Sponges  - Wet a sponge and ask your child to squeeze the sponge into a bowl.  How dry can they get their sponge?
  • Spray Bottles - Fill spray bottles with water and draw pictures or write letter shapes on the pavement
  • Playdough Hand Exercises - make salt dough (see recipe below) and create shapes, figures, letters and  flowers by rolling, pinching, stretching and flattening the dough
  • Drawing and Mark Making - Ask your child to draw pictures of figures and talk about the main features face, body, arm, legs,  eyes, mouth and hair.


Salt dough Recipe

Developing a tripod grip

Whole School 95.7%
  • Year 1 96.3%
  • Year 2 95.1%
  • Year 3 96.8%
  • Year 4 96.1%
  • Year 5 93.9%
  • Year 6 96%
  • Delamere 909
  • Mersey 882
  • Sherwood 921
  • Great North 744
Please see the 'COVID 19 information and letters' section under 'News and Events' for the latest information regarding school closures. May 11th Update - The government's ambition is for all primary school children to return to school for a month before the summer if feasible, though this will be kept under review.