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Pay and Performance Constitution


  1. Members of the committee will undertake training relevant to their designated roles and the business of this committee.
  2. Governors will abide by the code of conduct as ratified by the Full Governing Body.
  3. The relevant governors should familiarise themselves with the expectations of Ofsted in relation to the TOR for this committee.
  4. The Committee will consist of:
    1. 3 governors (who are also responsible for undertaking the Headteacher Performance Management)
    2. Associate governors as nominated and agreed with Full Governing Body
  5. Chair and Vice Chair:
    1. The Chair and Vice Chair of this committee will be identified and elected by the Full Governing Body.
    2. The Chair and Vice Chair of this committee will serve a 2 year term.
    3. After a 2 Year term the Chair and Vice Chair of this Committee will be subject to a review by the Full Governing Body.
    4. Should the Chair or Vice Chair resign from their position the Full Governing Body will identify and elect their replacement.


  1. The Committee will meet at least once per term or otherwise as required.
  2. Agenda will be agreed by Chair with clerk and headteacher with reference to this document and Chairs / Vice Chairs of other Committees.  
  3. The agenda and relevant documents will sent to committee members at least 7 working days before the meeting.
  4. The Committee will keep a record of all meetings.
  5. The meetings will be minuted by the clerk. The minutes will:
    1. Highlight questions asked by the governors to support and challenge the school.
    2. Will be available on the Governor's Drive within 10 working days of the meeting being held.
  6. A summary report (oral or written),  highlighting key issues (oral or written) will be an agenda item on the following Full Governing Body agenda.


  • Two Governors and the Headteacher (or nominated representative) will represent a quorum.
  • The Committee may invite other governors to attend as it finds necessary.

Lead Governors reporting to the P and P Committee

No Lead Governors currently report to the Pay and Performance Committee.

Terms of Reference

  1. To consider the pay recommendations of the head teacher.
  2. To fairly apply the criteria related to discretionary areas of pay, as identified within the Pay Policy, including headteacher and those on leadership levels/points.
  3. To determine/review salary at the time of the annual review for all staff, normally between the 1st September and 31st October, and provide an annual pay statement
  4. Provide an interim Pay Statement for any member of staff whose situation changes during the year
  5. To review job descriptions annually and where responsibility or accountability is increased, to reconsider the grade in accordance with the appropriate guidelines
  6. Ensure that job descriptions are provided for all staff
  7. To ensure that statutory and contractual requirements are applied to all staff groups
  8. To ensure that adequate records of decisions are kept Hear and consider any representations from staff regarding pay related decisions prior to a formal appeal

In addition:

  1. Decisions of The Pay Committee, following notification to the full Governing Body, will be notified in writing to the member of staff concerned.
  2. Committee members are required to treat information about each individual’s earnings as confidential
  3. These responsibilities are to be exercised within the constraints of the school’s locally managed budget and in accordance with the school’s financial and improvement plans
  4. Reviews may take place at other times of the year to reflect any changes in circumstances or job descriptions that lead to a change in the basis for calculating an individual’s pay.  A written statement will be given after any review and where applicable it will give information about the basis on which it was made.

Standing items

  1. Monitoring of application of appraisal process and FGB agreed pay policy
  2. Reports from Lead Governors attached to the committee.
  3. The committee’s items in the Governor Improvement Plan

Key Questions for governors to support and challenge the school

  • Is the pay policy being applied appropriately?
  • Are salary awards justified in relation to evidence used to determine pay?
  • Is the appraisal process rigorous and fair?
  • Are the headteacher’s performance management targets
  • appropriate and challenging eg how do they address the School
  • Development priorities, pupil progress and standards etc


The following items may be useful in helping you understand the role of the Inclusion and Safeguarding committee:

  • The Latest edition of the Governor’s  Handbook
  • The most recent edition of ‘The Framework for school inspection’. This publication is available at
  • The most recent edition of  ‘School inspection handbook’. This publication is available at and may also be found on the google drive in the FGB folder in the sub-folder “Guidance”

This Constitution has been agreed  by the Full Governing Body on 4/12/2014

​If you need to contact the Chair of Governors or another member of the Governing Body, please do so through the school office by popping into reception or calling 0151 922 5760.
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