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Finance and Environment Constitution


  1. Members of the committee will undertake training relevant to their designated roles and the business of this committee.
  2. Governors will abide by the code of conduct as ratified by the Full Governing Body.

  3. The relevant governors should familiarise themselves with the expectations of Ofsted in relation to the TOR for this committee.

  4. The Committee will consist of:

    1. Minimum of 4 Governors

    2. Head Teacher or nominated representative

    3. Associate governors as nominated and agreed with Full Governing Body

  5. Chair and Vice Chair:

    1. The Chair and Vice Chair of this committee will be identified and elected by the Full Governing Body.

    2. The Chair and Vice Chair of this committee will serve a 2 year term.

    3. After a 2 Year term the Chair and Vice Chair of this Committee will be subject to a review by the Full Governing Body.

    4. Should the Chair or Vice Chair resign from their position the Full Governing Body will identify and elect their replacement.


  1. The Committee will meet at least once per term or otherwise as required.

  2. Agenda will be agreed by Chair with clerk and headteacher with reference to this document and Chairs / Vice Chairs of other Committees.  

  3. The agenda and relevant documents will be sent to committee members at least 7 working days before the meeting.

  4. The Committee will keep a record of all meetings.

  5. The meetings will be minuted by the clerk. The minutes will:

    1. Highlight questions asked by the governors to support and challenge the school.

    2. Will be available on the Governor's Drive within 10 working days of the meeting being held.

  6. A summary report (oral or written),  highlighting key issues (oral or written) will be an agenda item on the following Full Governing Body agenda.


  1. Two Governors and the Headteacher (or nominated representative) will represent a quorum.

  2. The Committee may invite other governors to attend as it finds necessary.

  3. The Committee will not meet without the Headteacher (or a nominated representative) being present. .

Lead Governors reporting to the F and E Committee

Lead Governors will work with the Finance and Environment Committee to support them in processing and delivering on the items listed in this document.  The role of each Lead Governor is detailed in a Role Description.  Each lead Governor will be responsible for summarising the information they have collected in a report to the committee.  Where a Lead Governor reports to more than one committee they will select the information to be presented based on the items in the Constitution for that Committee.

Terms of Reference

  1. Approval of the annual budget

  2. Authorisation of the 3 year financial plan

  3. Setting financial priorities through the School Development Plan

  4. Authorisation of Statement of Internal Control

  5. Review budgetary income and expenditure

  6. Approve the Schools financial value system submission annually

  7. Authorisation of non budgeted expenditure and virements

  8. To approve financial regulations and procedures on an annual basis

  9. Act as a critical friend to the school on all financial matters

  10. To ensure that the the school abides by Health and Safety Law and good practice

  11. To ensure that the school environment, including buildings, is well maintained

  12. To ensure that the school environment is fit for purpose, including supporting and enriching the curriculum.

  13. Advise the Full Governing Body and relevant committees on the continuing development of the school environment.

  14. Review and monitor key statutory requirements and school policies as identified in the “School Policy Review Cycle Document” .

  15. Report relevant information to the Full Governing Body on a termly basis.

  16. Monitor and review any other items as directed by the Full Governing Body, for example in relation to the School Improvement Plan.

  17. Review this constitution on an annual basis in collaboration with the Full Governing Body and other committees

Standing items

  1. Monthly Finance Officer’s Report

  2. Reports from Lead Governors attached to the committee.

  3. The committee’s items in the Governor Improvement Plan



Key Questions for governors to support and challenge the school

Monitor & Review Health & Safety

  • Which activities are covered by the health & safety law?

  • What are the key health & safety roles in school?

  • Who in school has the responsibility for health & safety?

  • How do we ensure the health and safety requirements are met?

Monitor & Review the School Budget

  • What % of the school budget has been spent to date?

  • Which areas of the school budget are overspending and why?

  • Why has the school requested virements?

  • Has the School Fund been audited?

  • How much is the school owed on bad debts?

  • What is the % of budget before claw back?

Ensuring monitoring of finance

  • Verify that systems are in place to monitor school finance.


  • How do we ensure the environment is fit for purpose and provides appropriate learning opportunities and stimulus?

  • Is the school environment environmentally friendly? Cost effective?

If you need to contact the Chair of Governors or another member of the Governing Body, please do so through the school office by popping into reception or calling 0151 922 5760.
Whole School 95.8%
  • Year 1 96.1%
  • Year 2 95.1%
  • Year 3 96.8%
  • Year 4 96%
  • Year 5 93.3%
  • Year 6 97.8%
  • Delamere 909
  • Mersey 882
  • Sherwood 921
  • Great North 744