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  • Pennington Road,
  • Litherland,
  • Merseyside,
  • L21 8HY
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  • children begin to explore and use a variety of drawing tools including pencil, charcoal, inks, chalks, pastels and ICT software
  • children use drawings to tell a story
  • children investigate different lines
  • children explore different textures
  • children are encouraged to draw people with some accuracy (include all main body parts).



Reception Class show off their drawing skills.

Progression in Face Drawing

At aged 2 they experiment and have fun with simple mark making.

At aged 3 their marks begin to involve the appearance of round shapes and lines.

At aged 4 it is often possible to make out facial features such as eyes and mouth. Their drawings show what the child perceives as most important about the subject.

At aged 5 the images children produce are often depicted as 'known' rather than as 'seen.  They now have an awareness of space but there is no perspective or scale involved.  Their drawing will often include features such as eyes, nose, mouth and hair.


Whole School 95.7%
  • Year 1 96.3%
  • Year 2 95.1%
  • Year 3 96.8%
  • Year 4 96.1%
  • Year 5 93.9%
  • Year 6 96%
  • Delamere 909
  • Mersey 882
  • Sherwood 921
  • Great North 744