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Communication and Language

Listening and Attention

Children are able to maintain attention, concentrate and sit quietly during appropriate activities.   They develop two-channelled attention where they can listen, whilst carrying out an activity for a short span of time.   Children listen attentively in a range of situations, for example, stories, whole-class teaching and assembly.   When listening to stories they begin to anticipate key events and respond to what they hear with relevant comments, questions or actions.  They give their attention to what others say and respond appropriately, while engaged in another activity. 



Children respond to instruction using a two part sequence.   They understand humour, for example in, story, nonsense rhymes, jokes.   They are able to follow a story without pictures or props.  They listen and respond to the ideas expressed by others in conversation or discussion.   Children follow instructions involving several ideas or actions.   They answer 'how' and 'why' questions about their experiences and in response to stories or experiences.



Children extend their vocabulary, especially by grouping and naming objects.  They explore the meaning and sounds of new words.   During play situations they use language to imagine and recreate roles and experiences and begin to introduce a storyline or narrative into their play.   They develop their own narratives and explanations by  connecting ideas or events.  They use talk to organise, sequence and clarify their thinking, ideas, feelings and events.  children express themselves effectively, showing awareness of listeners' need.  They use past, present and future forms accurately when talking about events that have happened or are to happen in the future.



Picture 1 Communicating ideas
Picture 2 Talking in play
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Picture 5
Picture 6 Listening and moving to action songs
Picture 7 Listening to visitors
Picture 8 Communicating ideas in small group work.
Picture 9 Show and Tell
Picture 10 Talking in play
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Picture 12 Listening and communicating ideas.
Whole School 95.7%
  • Year 1 93.7%
  • Year 2 97.2%
  • Year 3 96.9%
  • Year 4 95.4%
  • Year 5 96.6%
  • Year 6 95.7%
  • Delamere 909
  • Mersey 882
  • Sherwood 921
  • Great North 744