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Autumn Term 1

Phonics, Reading and Writing. We are learning about letters and sounds in our phonics lessons. During the lesson we learn how to say the sound and how to form the letter correctly. We use the Read, Write, Inc Phonics Scheme.

Number.   This half term we are learning all about numbers 1 to 5.  We are learning to count with accuracy, recognise and order numerals.  We sing number songs and join in with action rhymes.
Shape, Space and Measure.  We are encouraged to explore both 2D and 3D shapes through a variety of resources.  We learn to name the most common shapes and begin to talk about their properties.   We compare objects and talk about their size.  We make and explore patterns.

We love to create 3D models using a variety of resources.

'Who do I ask for help?'  This is our topic and we have been learning how our family, friends, school and the people in the community can help us.  Areas of learning that we focus on include, People and Communities, The World and Technology.

Expressive Arts & Design.   Through this area of learning we develop our imagination by exploring and using a variety of media and materials including, construction,  paints, collage, music, role play, story and dance. 
Physical Development.   This area of the curriculum involves Moving and Handling and Health and Self-Care. 
We read the story the Gingerbread Man and decided to make Gingerbread people. Yummy!   Activities like this cover almost all areas of our learning curriculum including  Language and Communication through to Being Imaginative.  The children also met our class puppet Mr Fox.  Mr Fox is only three years of age, so the children have promised to help him with following our class rules and learning to read and write. 


Baking Halloween Cakes

Enabling Enterprises -  A  Day in Politics

The children had a wonderful day pretending to be politicians.  They worked in pairs listening to each other and learning how to 'read' expressions of shock, anger, sadness and happiness.  They had to listen to each other and then tell the class what the other person had said.  They then had to decide on how to make our country better.  The children were put into groups of ten, they made party rosettes and had to come up with their own idea as a group.

The Blue Party wanted more police to make our country safer and 'lock up all the baddies'. 

The Green Party wanted more parks with swings and slides, especially 'rainbow slides'.

The Red Party wanted more flowers everywhere to make our country more 'beautiful'. 

I think they would make fantastic politicians!


Whole School 95.7%
  • Year 1 96.3%
  • Year 2 95.1%
  • Year 3 96.8%
  • Year 4 96.1%
  • Year 5 93.9%
  • Year 6 96%
  • Delamere 909
  • Mersey 882
  • Sherwood 921
  • Great North 744