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New Beginnings (Developing our PSED)

This term through SEAL activities and P4C children will have a number of opportunities to appreciate and celebrate differences and to understand how it feels, and how important it is, to belong to a group. They will consider how everybody can be helped to feel safe and happy in the setting and to understand the routines and expectations there. They will have opportunities to develop the social skills needed to function in a group setting. They will explore the core feelings of happiness, excitement, sadness and fearfulness and learn ways to identify and label these feelings, distinguishing between comfortable and uncomfortable feelings. They will know that all people can feel the same emotions, but not always in the same situations. They will have opportunities to develop empathy and work out what others are feeling.

Please feel free to share any experiences children already have of being a member of any other groups (families, teams, clubs etc). This will help us greatly during Circle Times.

Thank You

Whole School 95.4%
  • 1NT 96.3%
  • 2MS 94.9%
  • 3JTR 94.2%
  • 4MH 96.9%
  • 5EF/SB 94.8%
  • 6AG 95.1%
  • Delamere 909
  • Mersey 882
  • Sherwood 921
  • Great North 744
July 14th 2018 - 'Lander Legends' 26 mile hike in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support. Watch out for forthcoming fund raising events and help us raise £3,750. All donations welcome!