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In Year 3 children learn to:

  • about different styles of print - relief and impress 
  • record textures/patterns  
  • create mono-printing 
  • use colour mixing through overlapping colour prints  

Sketchbook demonstrates monoprinting and overlapping. 


In Year 4 children learn to:

  • use sketchbook for recording, exploring  textures/patterns  
  • interpret environmental and manmade patterns  
  • modify and adapt print  

Sketchbook demonstrates journey of modifying and adapting print.


In Year 5 children learn to:

  • design prints  
  • make connections between a variety of prints and the work of others 
  • discuss and evaluate own work and that of others 

Sketchbook demonstrates evaluating own work and that of others.


In Year 6 children review previous work and learn to:

  • builds up drawings and images of whole or parts of items using various  techniques  
  • screen print  
  • explore printing techniques used by various artists  

Sketchbook demonstrates increasing knowledge of printing techniques and various artists.

Whole School 95.8%
  • 1NT 96.2%
  • 2MS 95.8%
  • 3JTR 94.9%
  • 4MH 97.2%
  • 5EF/SB 95.4%
  • 6AG 95.5%
  • Delamere 200
  • Mersey 249
  • Sherwood 199
  • Great North 171
December 2017: Lander Road Primary School has successfully achieved Gold accreditation against the 6th Generation Investors in People Standard