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In Year 1 children learn to:

  • construct  using various materials
  • use materials to make known objects for a  purpose  
  • carve and manipulate materials 
  • pinch and roll coils and slabs using a modelling media.  
  • make simple joins  

Sketchbook demonstrates photographic evidence of using a modelling media.


In year 2 children learn to:

  • be aware of natural and man-made forms  
  • expression their personal experiences and ideas  
  • shape and form from direct observation (malleable and rigid materials)  
  • use decorative techniques  
  • replicate patterns and textures in a 3-D form  
  • talk about their work and that of other sculptors  

Sketchbook demonstrates some knowledge of work of a famous sculptor, evidence of exploring and replicating patterns and textures.

Picture 1 Clay Pottery
Picture 2 3D structure (Homework Project)
Picture 3 3D Buildings (Homework Project)
Whole School 95.7%
  • 1NT 96.4%
  • 2MS 95.4%
  • 3JTR 94.7%
  • 4MH 97.3%
  • 5EF/SB 95%
  • 6AG 95.2%
  • Delamere 350
  • Mersey 380
  • Sherwood 310
  • Great North 331
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