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Exploring Senses in Science

Exploring Senses 


During this science lesson we were investigating whether or not we only taste when we ear out food. We had a wide range of exotic fruit and we were able to explor using our five senses. At first we thought we would only taste but then when we were experimenting we realised we use ALL five of our senses. We listened to what it sounded like to chop it up. Miss Tansley then passed around the fruit so we could look at it closely to describe what it looked like. After this we then touched the fruit and thought of different adjectives to describe how it feels. We then smelled the fruit before tasting it. Some of the fruit smelled a lot nice than it tasted but it was really fun to try all of these different fruits and explore our seances. 

Whole School 95.7%
  • 1NT 96.3%
  • 2MS 95.6%
  • 3JTR 95.1%
  • 4MH 96.9%
  • 5EF/SB 94.7%
  • 6AG 95.4%
  • Delamere 350
  • Mersey 380
  • Sherwood 310
  • Great North 331
December 2017: Lander Road Primary School has successfully achieved Gold accreditation against the 6th Generation Investors in People Standard