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Canal and River Explorers

Welcome to Chestnut Class

Visit from Acorn Farm

Class Projects 


Wow! The class projects which have came in this year have been fantastic! We can't believe how much effort children and their families have been putting into them. It has been lovely seeing children come in talking about how much they have enjoyed working with their family. It is also lovely hearing that children are talking about their topics at home as well as in school. Well done to everyone who has brought in a project, everyone of them has been AMAZING! You are all superstars! 

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Zoo Keeper Visit


In our Learning Challenge topic we have been learning about animals. We were lucky because Miss Tansley knew a zookeeper who could come in and work with us for the day. He name is Alicia and she works with all of the animals in Knowsley Safari Park. Alicia listened to all of the questions we had and helped us work through our science work on animals. We were made up Alicia could come and work with us!



For English we were writing instructions on how to make a smoothie. This was one of the first times we were writing instructions so we decided to actually make the smoothies before we wrote. This helped us understand what a command is and also linked to healthy eating which we have been discussing in school. 

World Book Day 


For world book day we brought in a book from home to use in the school 'Book Swap'. Another thing which we did was make book marks and read to children in Year 4. We had a brilliant day and we now have a 'Book Swap' basket in our class so we can swap books all year around! 

Teddy Bear Sleepover 

We were very excited to visit Hugh Bird College for our 'Teddy Bear Sleepover'. We started off our trip by visiting a mock aeroplane cabin. We were able to listen to a flight demonstration and it was like being on a real plane. We were also able to take our teddies in the aeroplane so they could pretend to be on an adventure. After this we visited the L20 library. This was our favourite part. Our class loves reading! There were so many books and we were able to read them to our teddies. After this we said goodbye to our teddies as they started their sleepover. The next day ur teddies came back and we received a fantastic photo book showing us what our teddies did on their sleepover. 

Testing our senses 

Today we looked at testing our different senses. We decided it was best to try different sense with different fruits. We looked at some fruit which we have tried before and some new ones. We looked at the fruit, felt, smelt, tasted and listened when we chopped it in half. Our class was very good at trying new fruit and we were able to describe each of the fruits really well because we used our senses. 

Chinese Cooking

As part of Chinese New Year we were given the opportunity to cook some Chinese noodles. We chopped vegetables, added seasoning and mixed in all of the ingredients. Our class were very proud of being a Chef and a lot of us came in the next day to tell Miss Tansley how much our parents loved our cooking as well. 

RE Trip

Our class went to visit Liverpool Anglican Cathedral and the Synagogue. We went to learn about Christians and Jewish people. We really liked how beautiful both buildings are and would love to go with our parents so we can show them around. 

Science- Using microscopes

As part of one of our topics we investigated what a leaf looks like close up, we used microscopes for the first time. This was one of our favourite science lessons and we felt like real scientists. 

Poetry Week 


As part of poetry week we looked at a poem called, 'The Magic Box' by Kit Wright. We loved exploring this poem and finding different items which were in the box. We then wrote our own poems and included items personal to us. Miss Tansley's favourite ideas were:


The laugh of my baby sister. 

A telescope to see the stars. 

The picture of an unborn baby. 


Art - Where do the leaves go in the Winter?


To open our new topic we looked at different coloured leaves. We then decided to create a piece of art and decorate an animal using leaves and paint. 

Reading for Pleasure in COSTA 


We were recently invited to visit COSTA in Switch Island to take part in a reading for pleasure activity. Chestnut Class were really excited to go, we love books and this was a great chance to enjoy reading in our community. When we visited COSTA we were able to read a book of our choice whilst enjoying a 'Chocolate Babyccino'. After this we were able to listen to one of the COSTA staff members read us a story. We have all decided that we loved this trip and we would like to go back with our parents to read in COSTA again! 

Autumn 1 Projects


The children and their parents have worked really hard to create some lovely pieces of work linked to our topic, 'Where do and did the wheels on the bus go?' 


Have a little look at some of their masterpieces! 

DT- Building Cars 


As part of our Learning Challenge we have built cars using every day materials. We found it hard to punch holes in our wheels and fit the axles in the cars but we really enjoyed creating our own cars. 



Enterprise Day- Building a Political Party

Exploring Maths Resources

Roald Dahl Day

Whole School 95.6%
  • 1NT 95.6%
  • 2MS 94.9%
  • 3JTR 96.2%
  • 4MH 95.3%
  • 5EF/SB 95.7%
  • 6AG 96%
  • Delamere 291
  • Mersey 342
  • Sherwood 497
  • Great North 349
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